Colt Baby Dragoon  



The first Pockets to appear on the civilian market in 1847/1848 literally were .31 caliber pocket sized .44 Dragoon types. These little revolvers were made relatively inexpensive by omitting the loading lever, but did feature the so called "square back trigger guard", like their big .44 images. These small .31 revolvers were very popular with the public and soon they were succeeded by what we now call the Colt Pocket 1849. The square back guard was replaced by a rounded specimen and the loading lever became a standard feature.

What we now call the Baby Dragoon today, they just called the Pocket model and after the Pocket '49 came to light, they just called "our" Baby Dragoons Old Model Pocket.



                    Baby Dragoon with 3" barrel, made in 1848


Condition good, with no finish left. Despite its condition, this Baby Dragoon survived and probably has seen a lot of action. Mechanically fine, Texas Ranger Indian Fight scene hardly visible. The serial number on this early Colt cylinder was stamped from left to right. Colt Baby Dragoons having a 3" barrel are very scarce.






                        Baby Dragoon with 4" barrel, made in 1850


Condition good, with no finish left. Despite its condition, this Baby Dragoon survived and probably also has seen a lot of action, like the 3" above. Mechanically fine. This specimen was pictured in the book Colt's Pocket '49 by Jordan and Watt because of its double barrel address roll stamp (factoy error), as an example of an improved hamer and because it was one of the last Baby Dragoons with the oval cylinder stop slots and at the same time, as one of the first, having the Stage Coach Robbery cylinder scene. The number of Baby Dragoons having this combination of slots and cylinder scene is an estimated 35.





(Provenance Robert M. Jordan)


Cased Transitional Colt Pocket 1849 or Model 1848


Scarce Colt Transitional Pocket 1849 (also called the Model 1848) in original case with the right,original accessoires. This early Pocket was made in 1850, the transional period of the old (Baby Dragoon) model, to the new (Pocket) model.

The Colt factory rarely disposed of any parts left in stock when one model was succeeded by the next. As can be seen in this example. It features the new, now standard loading lever and straight cylinder stop slots, and at the same time the short trigger and sloping shape of the butt because of its Baby Dragoon Grip. The trigger guard is the more solid Pocket type, but still squareback shaped. This shape was soon abandoned, at the same time as the ones on the Navy 1851.  

Condition of this revolving pistol is above average with 80% original blue on barrel. Blue on cylinder appears to have been touched up. Case colors on frame and lever are light, like on all pre 1860 Colt models. Silver on guards 70%. Grip is very fine with almost all original varnish.

The case itself is in very fine original condition. The flask with "Eagle on a Hummock" motif and pair of revolvers above the eagle is the most rare of its type and in fine working order and good condition. Cap tin, nipple wrench and bullet mold are fine.




      (Provenance Phillip Bleakney Estate Collection)