Colt House Model


After Smith and Wesson's Rollin White patent expired, other manufacturers started producing their own metallic cartridge revolvers.

Colt's first revolving pistols, developped from the start to use metallic cartridges, were the Colt Open Top Pocket in .22 RF and the ("solid frame") Colt House Model in .41 RF Short, 1870. With its distict cloverleaf shaped 4 shot cylinder, this .41 revolver soon was nicknamed Cloverleaf.

The first cloverleafs, produced at the of 1870, and the first months of 1871 did not have the later to become standard patent date: "PAT. SEPT. 19. 1871".

Usual barrel length was 3". A small number were made with a 1 1/2" barrel and are rare.

Total production just under 10.000, of which about the 2.500 ending the production run had a round, 5 shot cylinder and a 2 5/8" barrel.



                            Colt House Model/Cloverleaf with 1 1/2" barrel


This Cloverleaf with the 1 1/2" barrel, was part of the Sutherland collection, co author of "The Book of Colt Firearms" and is pictured as an example of the House Model.




The cylinder in this picture* is rotated 1/8 of a turn (safe).

 * "The Book of Colt Firearms", Sutherland/Wilson.


(Provenance Robert Q. Sutherland)  


  Colt House Model with round, 5 shot cylinder and 2 5/8" barrel