Colt Navy 1851 



                                                               Navy 1851 London


NRA Very Fine, made in Hartford 1866 for the Englishe market. London barrell address, London proofmarks, blued iron trigger guard and backstrap. Scarce, late 4th model Navy. Numbers all matching.

This is a very fine example of a Colt Navy 1851.

Finish 60% or even better, with extraordinary fine finish on trigger guard and backstrap. Case colors excellent and cylinder scene 100%. Perfect working order. Despite some dents, the original varnish on the grip is 95%.

The butt is stamped "D E A ". It will not stand for: Drug Enforcement Agency, but what it does mean is unknown. 









                                                         Navy 1851 "Square Back" 


Second Model Colt Navy 1851 in very good condition, first year production, 1850. Case colors and finish 40% throughout. Silver plating trigger guard 90%. Cylinder scene is perfect, including "Engraved by W.L. Ormsby. New York.". Completely original, with matching numbers, except for the wedge, which belongs to a earlier Navy. Inspection marks B, T and Q. Bore and action are like new.

The original owner of this Navy had a Dutch name. He was a descendant of a man who settled at Kaap de Goede Hoop in 1708 (Fort Holland, now Cape Town), Southern Africa.

One of this settlers descendants was a leader of "The Groote Trek". Other descendants played important roles in both Boer Wars. Up untill now many of his descendants still live in South Africa.

It is not known how the original owner of this Navy  acquired this American revolver. He was born and died in South Africa and was no friend of the English, who ruled the country by 1850. Colt did not have a London office or the London factory yet, by which way Colt revolvers entered the country a few years later. This Navy obviously does not have a London barrel address or English proofmarks. 

This second model Navy 1851 might reveil interesting historical facts when studied. 

Update 23-09-2014: see below pictures.






By now the current Dutch owner is in contact with a South African collector who ownded this Navy from 1978 to 1996.

Accourding to South African 1969 law, antique firearms require a kind of permit or registration. The pictures below show details of the permit/registration. Everything in English and Afrikaner... 

The calibre mentioned in the form is that of a Pocket revolver, but as long as all stamps are correct it is fine...