Colt Navy 1861



Civilian Navy 1861, made in 1862. 


Distinct Colt Navy 1861.

Navy 1861 with matching numbers, except for the wedge, which has none. De cylinder scene is very good despite the fact that it is "often very light on this model" (Flayderman). Silver on gard and strap is from before the electrolite era and very nicely intact.

This Navy '61 has some features that make it unique and rais some questions as well. 

Below the serialnumbers on barrel, frame and straps a 2 is stamped, as is on the backside of the barrel and on triggerguard's left side. An unambiguous explanation is not known to me. These tittle 2's sometimes also can be found on other Colt models.

This specimen with New York-barrel address and brass straps was made for the American market, yet has English proofs. Apparently it ended up in England after the Civil War. How is not known.

Another distinct feature: a Colt factory worker must have been very annoyed while stamping the 36-caliber designation on the triggerguard. The caliber, with no exeption, was stamped on the left side of the guard. For whatever reason"44 CAL" was stamped first and after that, "36 CAL" was stamped twice over it in an attempt to correct or change the 44 stamp. The result was a not legible mess. Eventually the worker must have said or thought something like: "@#%*... now I'll use the right side, why should I care anyway!"