Colt New Line Model


The solid frame Colt House Model in .41 RF Short performed well as a metallic cartridge revolver. The Colt Open Top Pocket with its small .22 RF cartridge also performed satisfactionally and was populair among the public, but in the light of the developments of the cartridges of the day, it was obvious that the open top era became to an end.

In 1873 Colt introduced a new line, solid frame Pocket revolvers. Literally called "New Line Models" .

A very interesting group of collectable Colts. A beautifully designed Pocket in calibres .30, .32, .38 and .41 RF.   



 Colt New Line Model 30


Example of an excellent Colt New Line in .30 RF, of which 11.000 were made, most of them with nickel finish. This is a late one (1876), with blued barrel and cylinder, case hardened frame, niter blue screws and pin release button and original ivory grips. Scarce in configuration and condition.