Colt Pocket 1849



                                                             London Pocket 1849


Rare Colt London Pocket, 6" barrel, first year London production (1853), also known as 'X-gun'.

NRA rating is Very Good. Special feature of this London Pocket is the serial number, under which an 'x' is stamped. It is not an inspection mark, but what it does mean has not been established yet. It is only known on London Pockets in serial range 574 - 917. Jordan and Watt (Colt's Pocket '49) suggest that these revolvers were made of parts from previously rejected specimens. In the first year of London's production, most parts were shipped to England from the Hartford factory, but did not pass the more demanding English standards. Total number of X-guns produced is 165, Jordan and Watt estimate. Wilson and Sutherland (The Book of Colt Firearms) have another possible explanation for the X-guns: they mention the possibilty that these guns were originally pre-ordered, or destined to be special finished. Wilson and Sutherland estimate 200 X-guns were produced.

This example has matching numbers with 880x on barrel, frame, trigger guard, backstrap, cylinder and loading lever. Wedge and arbor pin numbered 880. 







                       Cased set Colt Pockets with 4" barrel, made in 1856


Nice set of Colt Pockets '49, cased with accessoires. NRA Fine with very fine to excellent grips. Serialnumbers are 90 apart and both revolvers are of the much sought after "small trigger guard" type. The cap tin, empty, is yellow/white instead of green, which is rare. The period case is most likely retailer ordered. The original lining is very good. The case itself was revarnished. The accessoires are in good condition. The pictured nipple wrench is a modern replica. Action of both Pockets is excellent.