Colt Flasks


Mysterious Flask 


Most flasks intended for Cased Colts were made by B&J Matthewman or Hawksley. In some presentation Baby Dragoons and early Pockets cases, this flask is found. A very high quality flask, revealing excellent craftsmanship (Riling, "The Powder Flask Book"). The manufacturer though, is unknown. In none of the surviving Colt factory ledgers this flask is mentioned. Mysterious, highly sought after flask in very good condition. No dents or scratches and in fine working order.




Flask voor Colt Pocket 1849


Typical and usual flask for Colt Pockets 1849, Polices 1862 en Pockets Navy 1862 in very fine condition with most of its original finish and in fine working order.





Flask voor Pocket Navy


Nice Flask in good condition... as for a replica. Nice as a decorative item and it does work perfectly.