Colt Navy 1851

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Cased Set Colt Navies 1851

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Colt House Model (Cloverleaf)

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Moore's Patent Firearms Co Derringer No. 1 with 2" Barrel (!)

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   Moore's Patent Firearms Co Derringer No.1 

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Marlin XXX Standard 1872 in .30 RF, Factory Engraved

Factory engraved Marlin XXX Standard 1872 Pocket in .30 RF Short. Scarce and beautiful Marlin with original floral factory engraving. Nickel on barrel and frame 98%, cylinder 90%. Grips have nearly all of the original varnish. Boring is very good, as is its action. This type of Marlin Pockets were made from 1873 to 1876. This is an early, first year production and one of the best in Europe. Price: Sold




Smith and Wesson No. 1 1/2 in .32 RF, New York Engraved

Excellent Smith and Wesson No. 1 1/2, 2nd Issue, New York Engraved with mother of pearl grips. Very hard to improve on S&W with 98% nickel on barrel and frame and 80% on cylinder. Close to mint, original grips. Fine bore, action is perfect. Barrel address and markings are crisp. Price: Sold 




Colt Root 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Model 5A

Rare Model 5A Colt Root Sidehammer Pocket, 5 shot .31 percussion, manufactured in 1863. A Model 5 with the standard 3 1/2" barrel is a hard to find Root, a Model 5A with 4 1/2" barrel is hardly ever on sale. Matching numbers and a fine action. Hardly any original finish left. Grip are still very nice with nearly all of the original varnish. Patent date on cylinder partially visible. Great opportunity if you're looking for a special and rare Colt. Price: Sold 




Double Barrel British Coat Pistol

British double barreled coat pistol in very fine condition. The frame, hammer and muzzle are delicately engraved. Birmingham proofs on the left side of the barrels. Made approximately in 1840. Mechanics are perfect. Scarce pistol in rare beautiful condition. Price: Sold  




Colt Army 1860

Special Colt Army 1860, made in 1863. All main parts on this Army have inspector markings. The original walnut grip is varnished without cartouches. Since the Colt factory rarely wasted any parts, this is most likely an Army intended for the Union, but for whatever reason (maybe rejected) sold at the civilian market. All matching numbers, except for the wedge, which has none. Action is in fine working order, good bore, markings are sharp and cylinder scene has partly faded. Price: Sold




Remington-Beals Navy, Martially Marked

Extremely rare variation (martially marked) of the Remington-Beals Navy in very good condition. These Remingtons were only manufactured 1861 and 1862 with a total production of 14.500. At the end of the production run no more than 400 to 500 were sold to the Union Army and are military proofed. Proofs are sharp and the cartouche on the left grip panel is still slightly visible. Matching numbers and functions excellently. Price: Sold




Remington Elliot Single Shot Deringer in .41 RF.

Fine, rare Remington Elliot Derringer, also known as "Mississippi Derringer". This design by Elliot was genius in its simplicity. The single shot pistol has a hammer and toggle consisting of one and the same part. No finish left on this example, but markings are sharp and the original grips are very fine. Mechanically perfect. Hard to find iconic little Derringer. Price: Sold   




Colt Navy 1851 with Nickel Plated Finish





Remington Elliot Double Derringer





Colt Pocket 1849 in French Casing

Fine, early (1852) Colt Pocket 1849 with 6" barrel in French casing. All matching numbers, including arbor pin en loading lever. The wedge is original, but from another Pocket. Action is excellent. This Pocket accompanies an original, correct and scarce type of Colt patent bullet mold, a correct Eley Brothers cap tin and a period powder flask in excellent condition. The period case is very good, including a working key and was made for this set. Price: Sold




Colt Pocket 1849 with 4" Barrel

Nice Colt Pocket 1849, made near the end of production in 1873. As a late production, it has the correct "stacked" serial number on the butt. Traces of blue remain on the barrel, frame and loading lever show very good case colors. Action is fine. Price: Sold




Colt No. 1 Derringer, set of two

Fine set of two Colt No. 1 Derringers in caliber .41 RF Short. Scarce Colts which are rarely seen as a pair. Numbers are 19 apart and both are in a similar fine condition. The original blue finish on the barrels is worn, as usual on these early Derringers, but do have sharp markings. The barrel addresses are light as they should be without "impovements" to make them look better then they were originally stamped. Both bores are fine and mechanically both pistols are very good with strong main springs. Price: Sold




Colt Police 1862 met Hartford-loopadres

Early, first year production (1861) Colt Police 1862 with 5 1/2" barrel and rare Hartford-addres. The Hartford-address was stamped on the first models only, later to be changed in the New York-address, which became standard. Matching numbers, including arbor pin and wedge with sharp markings. Action is excellent. Traces of original finish throughout. Trigger guard and backstrap showing much original silver plating. Scarce Police. Price: Sold